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Arriba Grill - Mexican takeaway you can fall in love with. Burritos, nachos & tacos made fresh & tasty

Our Menu

We make Mexican food you can fall in love with – burritos, nachos & tacos prepared fresh & tasty using organic ingredients!

Our very first Arriba Grill store opened in Prospect in Adelaide, South Australia in July 2011 and was opened by two long time friends Levi & James. Through travel and adventure both Levi & James had come to love the fantastic flavours of Mexican food, so much so that they decided it was something they had to share. Together they developed a simple menu of just four burritos that comprised of as many organic ingredients as possible and gave Guests the choice to pick and choose fillings exactly as they like.

Our first Arriba Grill store received an overwhelming level of support and it was suggested by our Guests that they’d like to see Arriba stores elsewhere. Levi & James took the challenge to branch out. The next store was Arriba Grill Cumberland Park & then Arriba Grill Glenside both in South Australia followed by Arriba Grill Morningside in Brisbane, Queensland soon after.The word Arriba is Mexican for “on top” or “above” and was the perfect choice as it aligns with our goal to provide the best Organic, Fresh & Tasty Mexican meals in Australia. For a long time burritos were the only offering on our “make it as you like it” menu but early in 2013 we extended the choice by adding nachos, soft tacos, hard tacos and a made in house chipotle mayonnaise.

With more on the menu including gluten free and vegan/vegetarian options, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Mid 2013 saw Arriba introduce Online Ordering for pick up in store. Online Ordering was introduced to provide our Guests with a quicker and easier way to order meals. iPhone, iPad, Android and many other smart phones and tablets are supported with our Online Ordering portal that can be viewed quite simply through just about any web or phone browser.

We are always seeking to make Arriba better. Your input and suggestions will help take us to the next level. We are a very young business and that means you play a big part in making Arriba a success. You are valued and appreciated and your contribution is important.

We are very grateful and appreciative of your support and THANK YOU whole heartedly for taking an interest in Arriba Grill!

Our Arriba Values

We are the Arriba Family and as the Arriba Family we hold these values.

We care about and have a genuine interest in our Amigos, our Guests, the food we prepare and serve, the experience we provide, having a positive impact in our community

We believe there is something special about everybody, in being the best people that we can be, that we all have an opportunity to grow together, in honesty and kindness, that it is important to be proud of what we do.