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Arriba Grill - Mexican takeaway you can fall in love with. Burritos, nachos & tacos made fresh & tasty

Organic food

  • Triple Chicken Burrito with Guacamole!

    Arriba Grill Chicken Burrito with Guacamole

    Aaron from has been visiting #ArribaGrill #Prospect since the very start. His usual? Triple chicken with corn salsa, lettuce & double guac. The man puts them away like no-one else! What's your regular order?

  • Our organic & tasty salsas are made fresh everyday

    Arriba Grill Fresh Organic Tomato SalsaWe know where our produce comes from & what goes in our food, helping you to feel good about what you eat. We make all our fresh salsas with organic tomato, organic coriander, organic citrus juice and organic red onion in our own #ArribaGrill kitchens everyday

  • Could you drink juice and nothing else?

    Arriba Grill - Juice

    How would you feel about only drinking fruit & veg juice + eating absolutely no solid mealsfor 30 days? Joe Cross did and recorded his experience in his documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. Have you seen it? What do you think? photo: @health_porn

  • Forest Hill Farm Organic Red Onion

    Arriba Grill Forest Hill Farm Organic Red OnionDo you know where your food comes from? This week our organic red onions that we will use in our fresh guacamole & salsas at #ArribaGrill have come from Forest Hill Farm near Devonport on the North West coast of Tasmania.

    Forest Hill Farm has been a certified organic supplier by the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia for more than 10 years. The Benson family (Ian, Gloria, Chris, Mark, David, Melissa and Sharyn), who owns and operates Forest Hill Farm, grows, packs & exports it's full range of produce in continually increasing quantities to retailers, supermarkets and wholesalers into all states of Australia as well as Asia & Europe

  • Tiro Organic Cola & Organic Old Fashioned Lemonade

    Arriba Grill Tiro Organic Cola and Old Fashioned LemonadeHave you tried these? Tiro Organic Cola & Organic Old Fashioned Lemonade. What do you think?

  • Our guacamole is naturally sweet!

    Arriba Grill Guacamole with Organic AvocadosQuestion of the day! How much sugar would you add to a fresh & tasty batch of guacamole made with organic avocados? At Arriba we don't put any sugar in our guacamole - zip, zilch, nada, none! Amazingly we have heard of other Mexican joints that add sugar to their guac which we believe to be completely unnecessary. It has never been in our recipe and we don't plan for it to be added. Ever.

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